CHJGD VizMax Ultra Premium 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Box with Bluetooth Remote Control, Adjustable Lens and Strap for all Smartphones (Black)


R 449.00  R 899.00

  • Anti-reflection to ensure a glare-free and hence more enjoyable view experience!
  • Radiation Protection. Focused UV light from smartphone displays can cause radiation to enter the retinas, the VizMax Plus VR Box is protected from this. 
  •  Anti Blue-Ray minimises the amount of blue (higher frequency) light that enters the eyes. 
  • Transparent lens by detailed works is compatible with 720p, 1080p and 2K display quality. The VizMax has 19 pixels per degree in rehabilitation detail enabling a crisp image. The VR Box avoid low pixels, creating clear  and immersive images and a pleasant viewing experience. 
  • VizMax Plus simulates the experience of being in an IMAX (Image Maximum) cinema. 
  • Interpupillary Distance (IPD)  is adjustable. Adjusting the Pupil distance enables a complete image to suit different people. VizMax plus has a  pupil distance adjustment range of  56mm to 70mm. 
  • Object distance adjustment means you can alter the sight distance to suit your needs. 
  • VizMax plus has a refraction adjustment range from -500 degrees to +200 degrees, again allowing you to adjust the image until it's perfect for both your eyes and your device.
  • VizMax Plus supports 360 degree panoramic roaming as it is compatible with 360 degree panoramic video. 
  •  120 Degree Field of View, extending across the horizon of whichever virtual land you're exploring!
  • Ideal Heat Dissipating Design. The front cover is adsorbed by a magnetic face foam protector, this makes your smartphone radiate faster keeping your device cool whilst in use. The headset is also well ventilated to minimise moisture or temperature buildup. 
  • The ventilation holes serve a dual purpose, also being well placed to insert your own earbuds.
  • The bluetooth remote controller* can control your smartphone when paired via bluetooth. This remote enables you take images and play partial** games in the Android system as well as other functions such as flipping pages of a digital book. 
  • Full year's warranty as standard. 


*N.B The remote requires AAA batteries (not included).
**N.B. iPhone iOS system partial functions are not compatible

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